WEBCAST: Creating Premium RTD Cocktails | FlavorSum

by | Feb 15, 2024

RTD cocktails continue their evolution, moving from the popular 4.5% ABV hard seltzers and flavored malt beverages to convenient versions of higher-proof drinks like margaritas or mules.

Riding the growth wave of RTD cocktails requires formulation expertise and insights into expectations about premium drinking experiences.

As RTDs become more premium through use of spirit bases, formulators face new decisions to deliver a beverage that meets brand guardrails and buyer desires, such as:


    Which spirit base to incorporate?


    What cocktail to use for inspiration?


    How to align the targeted Alcohol by Volume (ABV) with budget, label goals, and desired taste?


    Which flavor(s) to incorporate, a familiar favorite or a combination with a novel twist?

    In the latest episode of FlavorScience, FlavorSum’s Senior Application Scientist, Blake Lyon, shares his formulation expertise and insights about premium RTD cocktails. Director of Marketing, Lisa Jackson, moderates the discussion.

    Watch the webcast to learn:


      Ways to create a ready-to-drink cocktail that offers a premium drinking experience.


      The power that flavors provide to formulators crafting RTD cocktails.


      How ABV can affect the need for preservatives vs. a ‘no preservatives’ claim.

       Does Blake’s premium Paloma cocktail outperform a bartender-like version? Our sensory panelists share their insights during a blind taste test!

        Ready to Bring Your Premium RTD Cocktail to Market?

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