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WEBCAST: Crafting Irresistible Snack and Nutrition Bars | FlavorSum

by | Jun 27, 2024

The North American snack and nutrition bars market represents about $11 billion in sales annually. Bar sales are on par with cookies and represent about half of cereal sales, making the category a contender in the battle for snack and grain-based food purchases. What fuels the market? Snack and nutrition bars are convenient for people with specific health and wellness goals, and the bar format is versatile for formulators. Bars can ‘carry’ macro and micro-nutrients through ingredients and offer a great eating experience through flavors and inclusions.

But that versatility can challenge formulators who strive to balance nutrition with great taste and find the “sweet spot” that makes a snack or nutrition bar irresistible.

Trending topics for bar brands to consider align with shopper needs:


Which new protein sources are gaining traction?


What ingredients can provide the sustained energy more people desire from snack and nutrition bars?


How many brands are focusing on sugar reduction goals, and how can they solve the challenges of lower sugar formulas? 


Which grains, nuts, or seeds are becoming more popular? Is interest linked to goals like digestive health, energy, or brain health?


What flavors are gaining traction for snack and nutrition bars?

In the latest episode of FlavorScience, you’ll hear perspectives from FlavorSum’s Roseanne McGuire, Bakery Applications Scientist, and Amy Usiak, Business Partner and Product Developer at JPG Resources. Lisa Jackson, Director of Marketing, moderates the conversation.

Watch the webcast to discover:


How formulators can improve the taste profile in a high protein bar


How to adjust formulas when using sucrose alternatives


Ways to accommodate functional ingredients in snack and nutrition bars


Flavors that can help deliver sweetness or mask protein characteristics

Ready to Make Your Snack and Nutrition Bars Irresistible?

If you need flavor solutions for your bar formula or are just beginning your innovation journey and need to optimize your concept, connect with the FlavorSum team. Our flavorists, bakery application scientists, and insights experts are here to support your success!

For more details about crafting snack and nutrition bars, download our e-book that examines market dynamics, flavor trends, and regulatory challenges in North America. Here, you’ll find ideas for creating snack or nutrition bars that align with your brand goals and have a taste that keeps customers returning for more!


Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson, Director of Marketing at FlavorSum, brings more than 30 years of market and consumer research experience to support innovation activities for food and beverage organizations.

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