WEBCAST: Conquering Cultured Dairy Flavor Challenges

by | May 2, 2024

Cultured dairy’s protein-rich bases and versatility as a main meal, snack, or ingredient are creating a renaissance in North America. As people look for functional foods that offer satiety and gut-health support, cultured dairy is an easy “yes!”  The segment’s link to tradition and wholesome ingredients also heightens appeal.

But balancing cultured dairy’s tangy, creamy taste with the high protein, flavors, and inclusions people expect presents some formulation challenges.

As cultured dairy brands strive to meet evolving needs in North America, they’re investigating:


    How to minimize the “off-notes” from high protein


    The effect of non-nutritive or alternative sweetener systems on taste and texture


    Flavor profiles that align with taste expectations as people enjoy cultured dairy throughout the day


    Formulation implications during high-heat processing with cultured dairy products

    In the latest episode of FlavorScience, FlavorSum’s Senior Dairy Application Scientist, Kelsey Cheadle, shares her formulation expertise with the largest cultured dairy segment: yogurt and fruit preps. Director of Marketing Lisa Jackson moderates the discussion.

    Watch the webcast to learn:


    Ways to solve the challenges of high protein and reduced sugar


    The flavors that are trending in the yogurt segment


    Formulation implications for heat-processed cultured dairy products

    How will our sensory panelists respond to yogurt with high-heat fruit prep processing? They’ll share their experiences to give you insights into flavor usage in your cultured dairy formula.

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