Find Your Formula for Success with Operational Support from FlavorSum

Cut the complexity from NPD with sample, order, and production efficiencies

Creating foods and beverages with staying power at the shelf is a team effort. That’s why FlavorSum built a business model to support your innovation activities and speed development time. How do we do it? By providing you with the resources, expertise, and responsiveness you need throughout the NPD process.

The transition from formulation to scale-up is smooth when you partner with FlavorSum. Take the stress out of the NPD process with FlavorSum’s:

Reliable, industry-leading sample and order ship times

Readily available standard documentation

Pilot and scale up

Application and formulation guidance

Ensure Scale-Up Success

At FlavorSum, we know it’s essential that what works on the bench will work in your manufacturing environment. We invest in equipment that replicates processes like hot fill, HTST, tunnel pasteurization, and homogenization to navigate over any bumps in the road.

The FlavorSum applications team will test your product in your food or beverage base, validating that the flavor system performs as expected – every time. Our experts provide formulation guidance that helps speed time-to-market while optimizing profitability.

Lead Times in Days, Not Weeks and MOQs that Fit Your Needs

An extensive investment in extracting and compounding equipment gives FlavorSum the tools to provide you with access to a consistent, efficient, and flexible flavor production system. Our batch capabilities readily support your needs across a range of product volumes, from new launches to limited time offers and mainstay items. And with a dedicated team overseeing every order, you’ll receive what you need when you need it.


Get to Know our Team!

Discover how FlavorSum meets your production needs as our Manufacturing Supervisor, Peter Christian shares his formula for success in our spotlight video series!

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