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Gain confidence that your concept aligns with shopper expectations and market trends

Selecting the right flavor for your new food or beverage requires a precise combination of behavioral and attitudinal insights, historical launch success, intuition, and brand guidelines. Finding the perfect balance puts you in the sweet spot. How do you get a good sense of the market dynamics for your application and assess how many people will want to buy your product?

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FlavorSum Discover

Find the product and flavor market insights and trends you need to stay aligned with your customers and ahead of competitors.

Category and Consumer Intelligence

Drive your business forward with category and consumer intelligence from FlavorSum Discover.

Predictive Insights and Analysis

Get predictive insights and analysis of the latest market, product, and consumer behavior trends delivered directly to your inbox with our subscription-based service.

Primary and Secondary Research

Engage with our consumer insights and category management teams to conduct targeted primary and thorough secondary research to support product development, reformulation, and line extension efforts.

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By partnering with FlavorSum, you have access to deep dives into the areas that influence NPD


Market Dynamics Data to help you identify white space


Category Trends to respond to evolving needs


Predictive Analytics to stay ahead of the curve


Shopper Insights to instill brand loyalty


Trending Flavor Analytics to capture what people want


Launch Data Analysis to understand what’s working in the market

Explore Custom Research

Are you creating a new food or beverage and facing questions about the direction to take with development? You may need more than secondary research reports about food industry trends to move forward. That’s why our experienced market research team will collaborate with you to field custom, proprietary food & beverage market research projects. We’ll get the answers to move your project forward – whether you want preliminary reactions to flavor ideas, need to assess preferences for formulation paths, or want insights into who’s interested in your concept.


Looking for a preview of the exploration journey our team takes to support innovation? Check out our resources for inspiration delivered through an insights lens (with formulating and regulatory tips, too!)

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