Flavor Development to Get Your Food & Beverage Ideas to Shelf

Overcome flavor challenges by expanding your in-house NPD capabilities

The road to your product launch is often challenging and rewarding, but it doesn’t have to be lonely. Reliable and knowledgeable partners make the innovation journey run smoothly. Our flavor chemists and food scientists bring skill, passion, and intuition to flavor development and formulation support.

We partner with you to create liquid flavor solutions that work for your product application, labeling requirements, and production goals. Consumer trends, flavor insights, continuing education, and curiosity feed our innovation pipeline, so we can help fuel your success.

Applications Experts with Targeted Knowledge

Our applications team understands the complexity associated with aligning the taste and label goals for your beverage, snack, dairy, or confectionery product. FlavorSum’s applications scientists will help navigate formulation challenges to discover the best taste profile for you.

Confirming a flavor system will deliver delicious results involves more than mixing ingredients. You need to understand food chemistry, production processes, ingredient characteristics, packaging impact, and product stability. Use our team as an extension of your own and transform your idea into a tasty product. We’ll collaborate with you in virtual or on-site lab workshops in our 3 Innovation Centers to support creating new ideas or reformulating existing products.

Alcoholic Beverages

RTD Seltzer • Distilled Spirits • Mocktails • Flavored Wine • Beer • Hard Cider

Bakery & Snack

Sweet Baked Goods Savory Baked Goods Snack & Nutritional Bars


Refreshing Beverage • Fermented Beverage • Functional Beverage • Performance Beverage • Coffee & Tea


Gummies & Chews Hard Candy Nutritional Candy

Dairy & Plant-Based

Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts Cultured Dairy Beverages Reduced-Sugar Dairy or Plant-Based

Flavor Specialists with Taste

FlavorSum’s certified flavorists are ready to support your flavor needs. Whether you want a solution for your nutrition bar, protein beverage, RTD cocktail, refreshing beverage, or candy-ceutical, you’ll gain access to custom flavor creation and matching expertise. We’re here to support the creation of novel products that satisfy taste expectations.

Want to learn more about choosing your next flavor partner? Visit our “5 Qualities to Look for When Choosing a Flavor Company” blog post to discover the factors you need to consider when looking for flavor and applications support.

Flavor +

Did you know that flavor solutions can support new product development beyond delivering the next big taste? The addition or removal of ingredients often imparts unwanted off-notes that require flavor solutions or technology to mask or balance. By partnering with a flavor company with the right expertise, you gain access to flavor masking and modulation tools that ensure unwanted notes don’t come through in your final formulation. FlavorSum can help you:


Mask off-notes from functional ingredients with taste modulation solutions


Enhance sweetness and mouthfeel in sugar-reduced formulations


Complement plant-based foundational formulations

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Overcome go-to-market challenges by expanding your in-house capabilities with our team of industry professionals.

Connect with FlavorSum experts who understand the flavor market and get support with formulas, applications, regulatory compliance, production process, and operational efficiency.

Schedule an appointment with your FlavorSum solutions specialists for a telephone consultation, Teams meeting, or an on-site product formulation workshop.

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