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Food and beverage formulators face challenges when using functional ingredients such as plant-based protein, soy, vitamins, sugar alternatives, or minerals that can impart a bitter taste. Flavor modulators act as bitterness masking agents to ensure that products have a desirable flavor.

Partnering with FlavorSum gives you access to flavor maskers, modulation tools, and applications experts to help you deliver delicious tastes in your final formulation.

When choosing the FMP for masking, developers should identify the specific undesirable flavor note to help the flavor solutions provider recommend the best solution.

How FMPs Drive A Sweet Profile Similar to Sucrose

FlavorSum’s flavor modulating technology works to mask bitter and off notes that come from protein sources, sugar alternatives, or functional ingredients. If you’re formulating a reduced sugar formula, FMPS (flavors with modifying properties) can tackle four major challenges:


Improve the onset of sweetness


Replicate the intensity of sweet taste


Reduce the sweetness and bitter linger


Enhance mouthfeel

Flavors with Modifying Properties from FlavorSum

Sweetness Optimization

Optimize sweetness, flavor, and mouthfeel when using sugar alternatives like stevia, sugar alcohols, and monk fruit, and mask metallic off notes.

Bitterness Maskers

Mask bitterness from sugar alternatives like stevia or sucralose, alcohol, functional ingredients like caffeine, and whole wheat flour and oats.

Protein Maskers

 Mask off notes from alternative proteins like pea, chickpea, and flaxseed without missing your protein goals.

Discover the FlavorSum Difference

Our team of flavor masking experts understands the complexity with aligning the taste, functionality, and label goals for your product. When you work with our applications team, our scientists spend time evaluating your product and how to best mask the bitter taste. We’ll work to find the best modulator for your formula that meets your label goals, as we offer natural and organic options. Our broad portfolio of FMP’s can be used to help the taste of our core applications listed below.

Connect with Our Experts

FlavorSum Modulate

Our team of flavor experts is dedicated to support you every step of the way, and tackle your unique formulation challenges. We’re committed to helping you achieve your goals and delivering your desired taste experience.


When you combine your chosen functional or wellness ingredients with flavors with modifying properties (FMPs), you can eliminate off-notes and achieve the desired function alongside an ideal taste profile.


Creating a food or beverage product with flavor masking ingredients enables you to achieve label claim objectives, like reduced sugar, fat-free, or dairy-free, while still delivering a delightful taste experience.


FlavorSum enhances your in-house capabilities for new product development by offering tailored taste masking solutions. Keep your project moving with easy sample ordering and immediate access to technical documentation.

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