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A Taste of What’s to Come in 2022 (and beyond)

The year’s end is a time to reflect on what’s been and, most importantly, explore what’s to come in the new year. We know 2021’s innovations will still inspire the food and beverage world, but we’re looking to 2022 with excitement about new flavors! As the year winds down, the FlavorSum team has been exploring what we expect to see in 2022. We examined broad trends emerging in the food and beverage landscape and took a close look at flavors.

Food & Beverage Market Trends For 2022

Our recent blog post covered our forecast for food and beverage market trends for 2022. As we executed our research and compiled our predictions, we found overlap in three key categories: functional foods, plant-based, and sustainability.

According to our recent proprietary study, 63% of American consumers and 74% of Canadian consumers actively look for functionality in their purchased foods and beverages. What functionality means differs from consumer to consumer, but it’s clear that the population wants more from their food and beverage options.

The plant-based market has grown significantly in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down, with a forecasted CAGR of 14.3% from 2021 to 2028 (Grand View Research). We predict formulators will find new and inventive ways to use plant bases, including blending them together to offer a unique taste experience.

The sustainability movement is more than a moment, with 65% of consumers looking for products that promote a more sustainable life (Forbes). We expect sustainability to play a big role in innovation for 2022, with manufacturers prioritizing a traceable and transparent story for sourcing.

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Food & Beverage Market Trends For 2022: Flavors Deep Dive

As a follow-up to our food & beverage 2022 predictions blog, we shared our thoughts on where the flavor world will head in the new year. Here we saw overlap in the categories: flavors that make life easier, new taste experiences, and the intersection of wellness and flavor.

During turbulent times (like a global pandemic), humans look for ways to ease uncertainty. They purchase simplified flavors to boost meal planning flexibility, try new flavors that combine novel tastes with classics or yearn for old favorites. As the world still experiences the impacts of COVID 19, we expect formulators to find innovation inspiration in the simple, classic, and nostalgic.

While many consumers will find comfort in the familiar, we expect new flavor innovation to permeate the food and beverage world. Different cultures and social media are influencing trends across all industries, including food and beverage, with more ways to connect virtually than ever.

Mintel’s September 2021 report, Promote Food for “Mindful Comfort,” highlighted that 43% of consumers agree that healthfulness has become a more important food choice factor (Mintel). We expect this trend to continue well in 2022, with consumers turning to flavors that support their health needs, such as immunity or stress relief.

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Regulatory News

The FDA has announced they will be expanding their list of 8 major food allergens to 9 in 2023, now including sesame. According to the FDA, “food allergies occur when the body’s immune system reacts to certain proteins in food.” The FDA provides guidance around the most common allergens to ensure proper labeling and avoid inadvertent reactions. In addition to offering labeling guidelines, the FDA also conducts inspections to ensure proper execution of labeling and avoidance of allergen cross-contact.

Current Major Food Allergens:


FlavorSum in the Community

With the holiday season well underway, the FlavorSum team has found different ways to get involved in our surrounding communities. The tradition of giving back is a storied practice at FlavorSum, and we’re excited to incorporate our new facilities this year.

FlavorSum Kalamazoo

Our office in Kalamazoo is partnering with the Salvation Army to support their Angel Tree program. Employees are welcome to sponsor an “angel” and shop their Christmas list. You can participate in your local program by clicking the Angel Tree logo.

FlavorSum Mississauga

Our team members in our Mississauga office are partnering with Toys for Tots this year to provide a holiday experience to children in need. You can get involved by clicking the Toys for Tots logo.

FlavorSum Mt. Laurel

Our Mt. Laurel team members are incorporating a little friendly competition this year to inspire generous giving in their Food Drive. The facility has two groups, each competing for the heaviest donation. Our Mt. Laurel team supports the Food Bank of South Jersey, but you can help your local food bank by clicking the Feeding America logo.

FlavorSum News

Recognizing our Newest Team Members

Supporting your product development needs remains a top priority at FlavorSum. We continue to build a team dedicated to supporting your success. We’re welcoming several experts to the FlavorSum team:

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