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Welcome Back! New Year = New Opportunities!

2022 is in full swing, and the FlavorSum team is thrilled to be hitting the ground running! With many organizations still experiencing the impacts of COVID-19, much of 2020 and 2021 will bleed into the new year, but we’ve identified key areas where we expect change. In this first newsletter of 2022, we explore ways to connect with consumers, maintain regulatory compliance, manage supply chain issues, and stay up to date with the FlavorSum crew!

Leading Indicators for 2022 Consumer Trends

Even as the food and beverage industry faces continued supply chain challenges and labor shortages, Deloitte predicts that 2022 will be a “relatively strong growth [year] for consumer products.” And, if major industry predictions are correct, 2022 will be a year heavily influenced by the consumer need for transparency, control, and enjoyment.


Transparency isn’t a new concept, but we’re anticipating increased prioritization from consumers and a strong payoff for manufacturers.  Brands that are concentrating on transparency in sustainability, sourcing, digital presence, and social efforts will develop a more trusting (and hopefully loyal) relationship with their target audience. And, Deloitte reports that companies that have high consumer trust are more resilient.

Flavor Lens: From a flavor perspective, use of natural or FNTF, natural WONFs, or organic solutions can help formulators address needs for transparency.

Consumers are seeking ways to ease uncertainty after a turbulent few years. One way this prediction will come to life is through the consumer need for control over their health and wellness experience.  With 88% of US grocery shoppers indicating the importance of clear nutritional information, consumers are seeking the details and education needed to make autonomous decisions about health. (Mintel)  A top priority in 2021 that’s remaining top-of-mind in 2022 was controlling sugar intake,  with more than 70% of people trying to reduce sugar consumption (IFIC). And they turn to ingredient statements and nutrition facts panel for information about sweetness sources.

Flavor Lens: Flavors and modulators can support formulators investigating reduced-sugar or alt-sweetener solutions, delivering sweet notes to enhance taste or replicate a sucrose experience.

We know consumers are pursuing transparency and control, but they also want to enjoy themselves. Mintel reports that “enjoyment everywhere” will be a global consumer trend, as “consumers are eager to break out of their confines and explore, play and embrace novel experiences. Whether it’s through new flavor exploration, unique texture offerings, or interactive presentation of product, developers have an opportunity to capitalize on the consumer need for fun.”

Flavor Lens: Finding flavors that align with consumer interests and brand goals is a journey, one that FlavorSum can support with a collaborative team of insight experts, application scientists, and flavorists.

Regulatory Updates

In our recent FlavorSum blog post, we covered the key regulatory changes for manufacturers to consider as they go into the new year. These changes include ensuring alignment with bioengineered labeling parameters, responding to the temporary COVID labeling provisions, and steps to take as sesame becomes an allergen.

  • National Bioengineered Food Disclosure: On January 1, 2022, the national bioengineered food disclosure went into effect for all food and beverage manufacturers, mandating that all bioengineered foods and ingredients are clearly disclosed on labels.
  • Temporary Covid Labeling Provisions: In May 2020, the FDA granted food and beverage manufacturers temporary relief on labeling restrictions to ease in the impacts of supply chain challenges. This allowed developers making small formula changes to continue using existing labels, so long as the changes met certain guidelines. The temporary provision will remain in place until COVID-19 is no longer classified as a public health emergency.
  • Sesame as a Major Allergen: In April 2021, Congress passed the Food Allergy Safety, Treatment, Education, and Research (FASTER) Act, adding sesame to the major allergen list. Beginning in January 2023, manufacturers will be required to prominently label the use of sesame on all finished goods.

Visit our Looking Ahead: US Regulatory Compliance Changes In 2022 blog post to learn more.

Supply Chain Updates

It’s well known that 2021 didn’t go easy on the supply chain, especially with new COVID-19 variants impacting the workforce. In a recent Deloitte survey, 90% of executives indicated that their company experienced significant challenges to get products to market and keep them in stock. Securing key inputs for products and international transportation were responsible for a significant chunk of supply chain challenges in the last year, but other factors played a role too.1

Most Difficult Supply Chain Challenges

Will 2022 be better? The challenges will likely still exist, with 7 in 10 companies believing significant disruption will continue, but manufacturers will find better workarounds— and possibly some fringe benefits. (Deloitte) By accurately tracking data throughout the entire supply chain, companies can not only plan for the possible disruption, but also provide the strong sourcing story that consumers are seeking.

In Case You Missed It (ICYMI): 2021 Annual Review

While we are all-in on 2022, we wanted to share a quick ‘in case you missed it!’ Every December, we compile our annual review to share highlights from the year. 2021 was a year of tremendous change for FlavorSum, as well as for the rest of the world.  Our annual review offers a glimpse into steps we’ve taken to ensure we continue helping you adjust and successfully meet rapidly evolving demand for current and new products.

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Recognizing our Team Member Anniversaries

Offering you a team with bench strength to support your product development needs remains a top priority at FlavorSum. That’s why we love to celebrate work anniversaries! In 2021, we’re celebrating numerous exciting milestone anniversaries:

To discover new opportunities on the FlavorSum team, visit our Careers page.


5 Years:

  • Kevin – R&D
  • Wahid – Production
  • Catherine – Customer Care
  • Jeremy – Production
  • Sidney – R&D
  • Kelly – Operations
  • Ann – HR

10 Years:

  • Allen – Quality/Operations
  • Ralph – Production
  • Sasi – R&D
  • Peter – Operations
  • Mike – Quality

15 Years:

  • Tim – Shipping/Receiving

In the February issue of FlavorSum Insights:

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