March 2022

The Intersection of Immunity & Flavor

Keeping Pace with the Evolving Immunity-Boosting Market

The functional food and beverage market is forecast to double over the next 6 years. Motivated by the impacts of the pandemic, more consumers are seeking immunity-boosting ingredients. And that’s not expected to change. Mintel reports that immunity will be a highly sought-after claim in 2022.

So how are formulators responding to this consumer need and market potential? With innovation. Mintel reports that food and beverage product launches with immunity claims increased 50% since 2017. The pace is picking up, with 20% growth last year. Read on to learn about the ways flavor can enhance your immunity-boosting innovation.

Enhancing Immunity Benefits Through Flavor

Whether they realize it or not, consumers have natural associations between flavor and immunity. Check out our recent blog post to explore results from a FlavorSum study about functionality in food and beverage, including immunity. You’ll learn about the ingredients and flavors commonly associated or linked with immunity and how these components can work together to deliver a delicious and functional product. Discover pairings, such as turmeric and cinnamon or citrus, that have the power to connect with consumers.

Latest Video Blog

With most North American consumers looking for functionality in foods and beverages, formulators are focusing on delivering products that taste good and help people meet their wellness goals. FlavorSum’s proprietary research revealed that immunity support is the top benefit sought by consumers. Watch our latest video blog for tips about ways flavor can enhance immunity-boosting products. To find out more about ingredients and flavors people associate with immunity and other functional benefits, download our e-book here.


Episode 1: Frozen Desserts

In March, we launched FlavorScience, a video series designed to support food and beverage innovators. You’ll get tips from FlavorSum experts to help address formulating challenges, flavor considerations, and regulatory concerns.

In our first installment of FlavorScience, FlavorSum team members Derek Holthaus, Sidney McCoy, and Kelsey Cheadle offer insights and advice for tackling the formulation and flavor challenges that can arise when creating a frozen dessert. Learn about bases, inclusions, variegates, and considerations if you’re pursuing label claims such as reduced sugar or plant-based.

Regulatory Corner

In early March 2022, the FDA released guidance for food and beverage ingredient suppliers or companies to be ‘recall ready’ as part of the final guidance for voluntary recalls. According to the Associate Commissioner of Regulatory Affairs, Judith McMeekin, Pharm. D., “Voluntary recalls continue to be the fastest, most effective way for a company to correct or remove violative and potentially harmful products from the market to help keep consumers safe.”

Here are some top Q&As on the guidance and voluntary recalls:

How does a voluntary recall work?

A company may initiate a recall based on its findings or findings from an outside source.

What is a voluntary recall?

An action taken by a company to correct a violative product or remove it from the market.

How does a voluntary recall work?

A company may initiate a recall based on its findings or findings from an outside source.

How should a recall be executed?

The FDA recommends that companies respond quickly to public health risks and execute a recall even before an investigation is completed to uncover the cause.

How does a voluntary recall work?

A company may initiate a recall based on its own findings or findings from an outside source.

Supply Chain Corner

As highlighted in our February 2022 newsletter, freight and packaging challenges have been widespread for our business and the rest of the food and beverage community. Challenges still exist in port constraints, labor shortages, and growing consumer demand. Additionally, geopolitical tensions around the globe have added uncertainty and cost increases in almost every market, especially the crude oil market. Conditions affect all raw material prices at FlavorSum due to increased freight costs. 

To mitigate the impact for our customers, the FlavorSum team is leveraging creative solutions that optimize our transportation on inbound raw materials. By setting up long-term contracts with our established suppliers, we’ve been able to lock in stable prices. A proactive approach allows us to protect the costs of our products now and in the future. Additionally, we have worked to de-risk our supply chain by adding a variety of trusted raw material vendors to our approved supplier list. As necessary, we have also set up dual-sourcing processes for key raw materials to ensure business continuity. Each step we take to guarantee stability in our supply chain is a step towards limited disruption for our customers during these uncertain times.

FlavorSum News

Welcoming New Team Members to FlavorSum

Your product development needs are a top priority, and we continue to build support for you. Our team, from flavor and applications experts to consultative sales and marketing professionals and skilled production staff,  focuses on doing what’s right for you. We’re extending a FlavorSum welcome to our newest team members:


Heidi V. – Accounting


Lauren H. – Production


Equavion M. – Production


Joseph S. – Production

To learn about new opportunities on the FlavorSum team, visit our Careers page.

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