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Flavor Masking Solutions

Food and beverage formulators face challenges when using functional ingredients such as pea protein, soy, vitamins, or minerals that can impart a bitter taste. Flavor modulators act as bitterness masking agents to ensure that products have a desirable flavor. Partnering with FlavorSum gives you access to flavor maskers, modulation tools, and applications experts to help you deliver delicious tastes in your final formulation.

Improve Taste with FMPs

If you’re developing reduced sugar products, you can improve the taste experience with FMPs. Flavors with modifying properties can tackle three major challenges associated with reduced sugar formulas:


Improve the onset of sweetness


Diminish the intensity of sweet taste


Reduce the sweetness linger

Sweetness optimization modulators can improve the mouthfeel of reduced sugar formulas.

For formulas with non-nutritive sweeteners, flavor maskers can address shortcomings by building back a taste similar to a sugar sweetened product.

So if you’re wondering how to mask pea protein taste or optimize sweetness, reach out to FlavorSum. 

Our taste masking technology can help with

  • Beverage
  • Bakery
  • Dairy/Alt-Dairy
  • Confectionary
  • Supplements


How Can FlavorSum’s Flavor Masking Technology Help You?

Unique or functional ingredients can have different effects on your food or beverage. Plant proteins can have beany or chalky notes, and stevia may introduce a bitter aftertaste. We can help if you need to:


Add collagen


Formulate an alcohol product


Fortify with vegetable protein


Fortify with vitamins and minerals


Incorporate functional ingredients


Incorporate grains and seeds


Remove dairy


Remove or reduce fat


Remove or reduce sugar or sodium

You Deserve a Customized Flavor Masking Solution

Deliver Flavor and Function

When you combine your desired functional or wellness ingredients with flavors with modifying properties (FMPs), you can eliminate off-notes and achieve the preferred function and ideal taste.

Meet Label Claim Goals

Developing a food or beverage product using flavor masking ingredients helps you reach label claim goals, such as reduced sugar, fat-free, or dairy-free, and deliver a delicious taste experience.

Keep Your NPD Moving

FlavorSum expands your in-house NPD capabilities with customized taste masking solutions. Plus, your project can keep moving with easy-to-order samples and instant access to technical documentation.

About FlavorSum:

Supporting Food & Bev Companies with Flavor Masking Technology

Whether you want to formulate with a tried-and-true flavor or innovate with a brand-new creation, having a great flavor supplier accelerates your success.  FlavorSum ensures you have access to the resources to help you grow and the responsive agility required to keep pace with the changing needs of food and beverage buyers.

That’s why FlavorSum combines expertise, responsiveness, and infrastructure to deliver an all-in-one solution to help growing food and beverage companies improve their speed to market. Part of our mission is making flavor sourcing more efficient, effective, and enjoyable with best-in-class responsiveness, competitive lead times and thousands of flavors in water and oil soluble formats. Work with us to create the delicious new products your customers are craving.

Expand your capabilities with our in-house flavor industry experts who are relentlessly committed to your success.

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