Formulate snack and nutritional bars that deliver delicious and purposeful tastes!

Jumpstart Your Innovation Journey with FlavorSum Insights

In this guide, you’ll learn about the market dynamics for snack and nutritional bars and get data-driven guidance about: 


What's fueling growth in the snack and nutritional bar market


How developers can build function into snack and nutritional bars


How developers can enhance bar formulations with flavor and inclusions

We also share some key formulating and regulatory tips to ensure your next product launch is a success!

Why Partner with FlavorSum:

Source flavor solutions designed for snack and nutritional bars

Whether you want to formulate with a tried-and-true flavor or innovate with a brand-new creation, having a great flavor supplier accelerates your success.  FlavorSum ensures you have access to the resources to help you grow and the responsive agility required to keep pace with the changing needs of food and beverage buyers.

That’s why FlavorSum combines expertise, responsiveness, and infrastructure to deliver an all-in-one solution to help growing food and beverage companies improve their speed to market. Part of our mission is making flavor sourcing more efficient, effective, and enjoyable with best-in-class responsiveness, competitive lead times and thousands of flavors in water and oil soluble formats. Work with us to create the delicious new products your customers are craving.

Expand your capabilities with our in-house flavor industry experts who are relentlessly committed to your success.

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