June 2022

Infusing Function and Flavor into Fortified Gummies

The past few years’ events resulted in more consumers prioritizing their health and wellness goals. 63% of Americans and 74% of Canadians actively seek functionality in the products they consume. (FlavorSum Study). And new behaviors are becoming the norm, with 89% of consumers planning to adhere to the health and wellness goals established in the past two years. (Healthy Monday)

Many applications, including gummies, are primed to offer functional benefits. With their fun and tasty format, gummies provide a bridge for consumers who don’t want to sacrifice on taste experience but still want boosts to everyday nutrition.

Are you working on a functional gummy project? Check out our recent billet de blogue to learn what’s fueling growth and innovation in the gummy space and how to make the most of that growth. You’ll also discover formulating tips and flavor trends to inspire your new product development.

FlavorSum at IFT 2022: Functional Refreshing Beverages and Snack Bars

IFT FIRST is back in person for the first time since 2019 from July 11-13! The show will occur at McCormick Center in Chicago, IL, with an estimated participation of 18,000 attendees and over 700 exhibitors. Our team will be exhibiting for the first time since National Flavors, GSB Flavor Creators, Bonnie & Don Flavours, and Whittle and Mutch unified as FlavorSum.

We’ve crafted seven prototype concepts that marry function and flavor to showcase our capabilities in the growing functional food and beverage market. Visit FlavorSum booth #S0442 to sample our insights-driven refreshing beverage and snack bar flavors.

Can’t make the show?

Connect with our team to discuss your functional beverage or snack bar goals!

Innovation Evolution: What’s Next in the Organic Food & Beverage Market

Over the last decade, organic offerings have expanded outside the produce section and into all aisles of the grocery store. According to Mintel, the number of categories with organic launches in the last 52 weeks has increased nearly 13% compared to 10 years ago. What’s driving this change in organic offerings through the food and beverage landscape? Our team explores the organic market in our recent billet de blogue, where you’ll discover how consumer behavior is driving growth and the categories and flavors trending in organic offerings.


Flavor Focus: How to Create New Connections with Nostalgic Flavors

Everyone has a favorite flavor or two that inspires nostalgia. And most people enjoy that experience. According to Mintel, 71% of U.S. consumers say they want tastes that remind them of their past. For some, it might be your s’mores flavored granola bar taking you back to the campfire with your family or friends. For others, it’s a sip of lemonade recalling summer vacations at the beach. Our recent billet de blogue looked at nostalgic flavors and why consumers keep returning for more. Find the trending nostalgic flavors for your categories and explore in-market examples.  

Video Blog

Discover Inspiration for Your Gummy Launch!

Are you kicking off a nutritional gummy project and looking for tips and inspiration? Our video blog explores the basics of gummy formulations, including recommendations around function and flavor, regulatory compliance information, and details on achieving reduced-sugar claims.

Regulatory Corner: National Bioengineered (B.E.) Food Disclosure Standard

Since January 2019, the USDA has required that food manufacturers, importers, and other entities that label foods for retail sale disclose information about B.E. food and B.E. food ingredients. The list of bioengineered foods is under review by the Office of Management and Budget for any necessary revisions.

As a supplier of ingredients that go into foods for retail sale, FlavorSum has established communication for customers to comply with B.E. labeling requirements effectively. Our team indicates whether the product contains bioengineered genetic material in our documentation. If the product does contain bioengineered genetic materials ingredients, we share those ingredients and their source. If the product does not contain bioengineered genetic materials, we share details around why that is the case, including:


No part of the product was derived from bioengineered sources


The ingredient is from a non-bioengineered source


The source has been through a refinement process that renders the modified material undetectable


We have tested it to confirm the absence of modified genetic material

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Vous avez faim des dernières tendances en matière d’aliments et de boissons? Les comportements des consommateurs et les modifications des attitudes attisent votre curiosité? Vous souhaitez connaître l’actualité des saveurs? Abonnez-vous à L’œil de FlavorSum pour recevoir les ressources que proposent nos experts, notamment nos articles de blogue hebdomadaires, notre infolettre mensuelle, nos webinaires à la demande, et plus encore. Vous pouvez sélectionner les applications et catégories qui vous intéressent afin de recevoir le contenu le plus pertinent pour vous et vos projets!

Nouvelles de l’équipe de FlavorSum

Pleins feux sur notre équipe en pleine expansion

À FlavorSum, vous aider à atteindre vos objectifs en matière de développement de produits alimentaires et de boissons est notre priorité. Notre équipe s’engage au quotidien à faire ce qu’il y a de mieux pour votre marque. Notre équipe s’agrandit, et nous accueillons les membres suivants à FlavorSum :

Felicity D. – Quality
Marcell H. – Production
Najva A. – Sales
Harvinder S. – Production

To learn about new opportunities on the FlavorSum team, visit our Careers page.

Nick D. – Production
Caine D. – Production
David S. – Procurement
Nate K. – I.T.

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