(Choisissez votre aventure dans le domaine des arômes).

The world of flavors is vast, giving you many pathways for your food or beverage innovation. As you focus on a specific profile, it’s helpful to have a lexicon to share with flavor chemists so they can create your desired taste experience. Choose Your Flavor Adventure is an interactive platform to help you find descriptors that align with your flavor goals. Add your descriptive framework to your project brief or sample request to speed up flavor creation time!


One of the most popular fruit flavors in the world, strawberry has a more complex taste profile than you may expect. Use these descriptors to help you find the right strawberry profile for your food or beverage.


More than 400 species of berries are available worldwide, and we selected some favorite berries available in foods and beverages to support your flavor exploration. Use these descriptors as a starting point to identify the berry flavor notes you want to formulate.

Notes tropicales

Tropical flavors reflect any fruit grown in hot and humid regions within the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. Our flavorists can bring a taste of the tropics to your food or beverage by identifying the flavor notes you want in your food and beverage. 


Vanilla may seem like a simple flavor, but it has many variations from premium crafted extracts in 1x, 2x, and 3x folds, to organic, natural, and natural WONF options. Use this tool to determine the vanilla profile you would like for your application. 

Arômes bruns sucrés

Sweet brown flavors have a rich, caramelized sweetness with hints of warmth and depth. These versatile flavors are perfect for evoking feelings of warmth, coziness, and indulgence. Use this tool to find the flavor notes you want for your next innovation. 

Vanilla Origin

Vanilla beans carry the tastes and smells of their country of origin, as each region’s soil, climate, harvesting and production methods will affect the flavor. Use this tool for inspiration as you’re developing the flavor profile for your application. 

Ready to Begin Your Flavor Adventure?

Fill out our sample request form with your new flavor knowledge. Include any adjectives that you found in the platform, and our flavorists will send you solutions that meet your needs.

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