FlavorSum 2022 Annual Review

The Faces of FlavorSum

A Note From Our CEO

2022 has been a tremendously successful year of bringing value to our customers by developing and delivering solutions that help you grow your businesses! With some unprecedented challenges, it has been great to see the collaboration between our amazing customers, suppliers, and our extraordinary team. We’re grateful for the partnerships we’ve created, maintained, and expanded.

For this year’s Annual Review, we’re sharing some of the faces behind the teams who support creative new projects, inspire with insights, get your product out the door, and everything in between. We’ve asked our entire team to weigh in on this year’s biggest accomplishments, milestones, and of course, flavor-related favorites.

And to you, our valued customers, we wouldn’t be FlavorSum without you. We are appreciative and grateful for your support and trust throughout 2022. We look forward to continuing to be your go-to partner for flavor solutions to help you propel your businesses forward in 2023 and beyond.

Brian Briggs

Président et chef de la direction

Insights and Innovation

marketing, customer care, & sales

You may see some familiar faces on the team that brings you insights and inspiration for your new product development. From marketing to customer care to sales, our customer-facing teams take your ideas and help you turn them into tangible, successful, and delicious products. Here are a few insights about the people supporting your goals!

2022 Team Stats

Partnered with key customers on over 160 data-driven insight sessions throughout the year

Welcomed two new babies with two on the way in 2023

Represented FlavorSum across North America, from Connecticut to California and Ontario to Georgia – and even while on a cross-country road trip


I am proud of the relationships and trust I’ve built with customers and the opportunity to aid in their sales growth.


I love being able to bring primary research insights to our customers in support of their innovation plans.


Despite a challenging year, we hit multiple monthly sales records. This would not have been possible without the effort of our entire team.


I have enjoyed playing golf and having a nice cigar with bourbon, but my favorite thing to do has been to watch my 11-year-old son play baseball.


The most exciting meal I tried this year was a vegetable pajeon with scallion, egg, kimchi, kale, potato, tamari, and sesame.


Flavor and Applications Expertise


Here at FlavorSum, great-tasting flavors are a big part of our DNA. Bringing delicious tastes to your finished goods is our greatest joy. Learn more about the applications team and flavor experts who partner closely with you on your new product development.

2022 Team Stats

Provided more than 1,100 unique solutions to customers

Shipped nearly 8,000 samples to inspire new product development

Celebrated two team members passing two different levels of flavor certification


With the help of my colleagues, we were able to raise over $3,500 in support of families going through cancer treatment.


This year, my family raised an orphan baby calf named Charlie Blue.


I’ve made great progress working towards my bachelor’s degree.


Whether it’s beer, cocktails, food, or my extremely long beard, I’ve enjoyed sharing things I’ve made with people and watching them enjoy.


The R&D Creation Team in Mississauga has created over 354 flavours so far this year.

Favorite Seasonal Flavors

We asked our aweSum team members about their favorite seasonal flavors. Are some of these also among your favorites? Hover over to learn more about each of these seasonal tastes!


Seen in 2% of all product launches, lemon/lemonade flavor is most prominent in alcoholic beverages and bakery products


The use of Peach flavor has grown 20% in North America over the last four years

Carrot Cake

Possibly deriving from a Middle Age recipe, Carrot Cake was re-popularized in the UK during WW2 due to rationing

Apple Cinnamon

Apple Cinnamon is most commonly seen in Breakfast Cereals, Snacks, and Bakery items

Citrouille épicée

A popular seasonal flavor, since 2019 over 70% of Pumpkin Spice flavored products were launched in the fourth quarter

Your Favorite Seasonal Flavor

We'd love to hear from you. Please let us know your favorite seasonal flavor or blend when we speak next!


Regulatory, food safety, & quality

Meeting label claim goals and regulatory compliance restrictions can be challenging. At FlavorSum, we have a team of experts leveraging their understanding of product labeling, compliance, and third-party certifications to inform product development. Find out more about the people who bring you peace of mind as you launch your products.

2022 Team Stats

Aligned SQF, Kosher, NGMO PV, and organic certifications across sites to streamline certifying bodies

Delivered 2000 documents to customers to ensure compliance needs were met

Welcomed two babies, purchased two homes, and received 8 additional food safety certifications


It was a huge team win to take on the acquisition of Whittle & Mutch and to blend best practices to come out stronger together.


I became a member of our summit committee, a team dedicated to continuous improvement throughout the organization.


This year I’ve spent time fishing (including fly fishing) and making my own wine and mead.


This year I had a traditional Chinese New Year meal prepared by my aunt and uncle, including the traditional giving of the Red Envelopes.


I’m proud that we were able to turnaround times across categories by leveraging SFDC case tool.


Scale Up Success

procurement, production, & analytical

Getting the product you need, when you need it, is essential to the success of your project. We rely on the skills and expertise of our procurement, production, and analytical teams to ensure you can meet your goals around sourcing, launch schedule, and production parameters. Here’s more about the teams that source the flavor ingredients you can trust and deliver the products that make your project go off without a hitch.

2022 Team Stats

Provided access to GC/MS support across all sites while solving helium supply chain challenges

Eliminated more than 3,000 pounds of corrugated materials by implementing streamlined packaging strategy

Recycled cans and executed other initiatives to support our local communities 


I’m proud that I stepped outside of my comfort zone this year to lead daily team meetings.


This year I paid off my house and my car!


What’s brought me joy in 2022 is umpiring and officiating baseball games, while making sure the kids enjoy the game!


I loved trying a Baltimore-style crab cake this year.


Our team’s biggest accomplishment from 2022 is maintaining our strong collaboration and continuing to look out for one another.

Employee Poll

Favorite FlavorSum Flavors

We love the classics at FlavorSum. In fact, someone from our team even shared that they think, “we have the best ginger flavor in the business.” But while the classics are great, flavor exploration is our bread and butter! We polled our team to learn which of our recently launched flavors they enjoyed the most. Learn about how these flavors show up in the marketplace.

This new flavor taps into the trend of nostalgic and familiar childhood favorites

Fruity Cereal Milk

People often explore tastes through a twist on a familiar favorite, including this flavor

Lemon Cake Batter

Named for a city in British Columbia, this flavor typically consists of a crunchy wafer, custard, nuts, and coconut


One of the components of this flavor was developed in the US in the mid 19th century

Brown Sugar Graham

This flavor is named because it is said to be similar to vanilla ice cream

Cream Soda

This flavor will become a sensation in 2023 and beyond

Your Next Hit Flavor!

Behind the Scenes

IT, Finance, HR

We are so grateful for our wonderful customer interactions and partnerships, but we have a team essential to your success that you may not see. We want to introduce you to the folks who keep FlavorSum running like a well-oiled machine – our IT, Finance, and HR teams. Their support and resources make a difference every day.

2022 Team Stats

Integrated the New Jersey facility into company-wide policies, processes, and systems

Kicked off the use of performance and learning management systems

Executed monthly IT safety trainings to ensure the organization is protected from cyber threats


My biggest professional accomplishment is maintaining continued organizational focus on developing our team members through goal setting and development training.


We welcomed our second daughter home.


I have loved taking family walks, as well as family trips around Michigan in the summertime.


This year I tried a delicious mango salad with red bell pepper, red onion, cilantro, and lime juice.


I’m proud that we were able to successfully onboard the Mt. Laurel team into our HR systems and processes.


Together we met and conquered many challenges in 2022. We appreciate your partnership and value the opportunity to support your success in the coming years.

From our team to yours – thank you!

Let’s continue working together to transform your ideas into delicious, flavorful, AweSum foods & beverages!