FlavorSum 2021 Annual Review

A Year of Transformation

You’ve experienced continued changes in 2021, and we have, too. But for many companies, including FlavorSum, 2021 was a year of transformation.

Transformation tran-sfr-may-shn – modifying core beliefs and long-term behaviors, sometimes in profound ways, to realize positive outcomes.

As the world slowly opened in 2021, your company likely felt the effects of:

Shifting Consumer Demands

Consumers who wanted more of their familiar favorites and started asking for purposeful foods to support health & wellbeing.

Shaky Supply Chain

A shaky supply chain still struggling to stabilize while battling labor, material, and transportation challenges.

Slow Product Development

Slowing New Product Development in many categories as retailers prioritized top sellers over new launches

And with ‘business as usual’ rapidly shifting, you had to adjust goals, strategies, processes, and expectations. Here’s how the FlavorSum team transformed to ensure we continue to meet your needs for flavor solutions that create connections with consumers.

In 2021, we unified 4 flavor houses

Each with long legacies of providing high-quality, custom flavor solutions and responsive customer service.

Became... FlavorSum

We are relentlessly devoted to helping growing food and beverage companies create great-tasting products that align with consumer needs and inspire brand loyalty.

Manufacturing  Capacity Grew

Our locations enable us to quickly ship across the U.S. and Canada and minimize your order lead times.


35,000 sq. ft.


25,000 sq. ft.

Mt. Laurel

35,000 sq. ft.

Combined Into

sq. ft. to keep pace with your flavor needs

Expertise Deepened

Notre core capabilities in frozen dessert, bakery, alcoholic beverage, confections widened to include:


You have access to thousands of flavor solutions tested to deliver delicious results in foods & beverages, and we’re continuing to create!

Excellence In Operations

FlavorSum’s commitment to excellence enabled our teams to produce and deliver your flavor solutions:


Keep your Projects Moving



Bring your Vision to Life


Pails of Product

Meet Demand


Adherence to rigorous programs and standardized processes assures you of consistently high-quality, safe products:

SQF Audits

United States

Kalamazoo 97% and Mt. Laurel 95% for
Food Safety Certification

FSSC 22000


Mississauga passes audit that confirms compliance with comprehensive food safety standards

Products Tested

Quality Control


Talent and Technology Expansion

Using a solutions-focused mindset, our flavor creators, formulators, and product category specialists share their expertise in every meeting with you. Technology powers the FlavorSum organization and each FlavorSum team member, from customer care through supply chain and production brings deep and diverse skill sets to fulfill your growth plans.

team members collaborating to help you achieve your goals

Uncovering Opportunities

Mapping the pathways to deliver foods & beverages that meet consumer needs and expectations requires a thoughtful approach. FlavorSum gives you tools to help build your product development blueprint.


Primary consumer research


Industry analysis


Webinars and Industry Talks




Trade events


Applications exploration


Collaborative work sessions

Supporting Customer Success

And you have additional resources readily available to speed your time to market:


An ecosystem of food & beverage experts


Samples that ship in 24 hours through FlavorSum Access


On-demand documentation


Regulatory experts


Consultative account teams with deep food & beverage knowledge


Responsive customer care


Scale-up expertise


We’re grateful for your partnership and value the opportunity to support your success in the coming year. Let’s work together to transform your ideas into delicious, flavorful, AweSum foods & beverages!