Unlock Faster Flavor Innovation: FlavorSum Launches Interactive “Choose Your Flavor Adventure” Platform

by | May 23, 2024

FlavorSum, a North American flavor producer, is unveiling a game-changing tool for food and beverage innovators: the “Choose Your Flavor Adventure” platform. The interactive platform is not just a digital adventure in flavor innovation, but a comprehensive online flavor lexicon. It has unique educational features that help formulators find precise language to articulate their flavor objectives and accelerate the product development cycle.

The platform contains hundreds of adjectives describing some of the most popular and complex flavor profiles: strawberry, berry, tropical, vanilla, and sweet brown flavors. Formulators can explore flavor nuances and select the specific flavor notes they want in a flavor system. They can incorporate selected descriptors into a sample request, project brief, or collaborative session for FlavorSum certified chemists to use when choosing or designing a custom flavor solution.

“FlavorSum continues to be a value-added partner focused on delivering tools that nurture the innovation process. By developing resources like ‘Choose your Flavor Adventure,’ we keep our customers’ formulation challenges and project deadlines top of mind to support their growth,” says Dave Franz, Chief Commercial Officer.

“Choose Your Flavor Adventure” is part of FlavorSum’s mission to support formulators throughout their product development journey. The site also features additional blogs and infographics to help visitors navigate regulatory complexities, sensory testing, and sample requests.

Accessible from both desktop and mobile devices, the platform is a user-friendly resource for developers. Lisa Jackson, Director of Marketing, highlights its convenience, saying, “Developers can now get support with flavor creation from their office or the lab. The easy-to-use platform provides our team with the detailed insights they need to formulate a custom flavor that delivers on the customers’ unique vision.”

Food and beverage companies can explore the free platform and experience the power of enhanced flavor communication.

About FlavorSum

FlavorSum helps growing North American food and beverage companies launch products quickly and cost-effectively. The company provides the flavor solution expertise and infrastructure required to keep pace with the changing needs of food and beverage buyers. FlavorSum is a portfolio company owned by The Riverside Company, a global private equity firm.

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