FlavorScience Episode 3: Functional Beverages (Video)

by | Oct 10, 2022

In our third installment of FlavorScience, we explore how to tackle the formulation and flavor challenges that can arise when developing refreshing functional beverages. Derek Holthaus, Director of Innovation & Solutions, leads our discussion with FlavorSum Flavor Development Manager, Pete Sauer and Applications Scientist, Blake Lyon. Join us as they explore the nuances and complexities of refreshing functional beverages. You’ll learn about developing a solid base formulation, approaching flavor selection, achieving label claim goals, and much more!

Navigate the Innovation Journey with FlavorSum

Whether you are creating a refreshing beverage for the first time, or a seasoned formulator, product development is made easier with partners you can trust. And no matter where you are in the formulating process, FlavorSum can help you take your idea to commercialization faster. Download our Innovation Journey infographic to ensure you’re covering your bases. 

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