Flavors to Sweeten Your Success from FlavorSum at IFT 2023

by | Jul 11, 2023

FlavorSum, a North American flavor producer, will showcase refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails at booth #S4042 during IFT FIRST 2023 in Chicago (July 17-19).

FlavorSum is a solutions provider for growing food & beverage companies. The platform unifies National Flavors, GSB Flavor Creators, Bonnie & Don Flavours, Whittle and Mutch, and Meridian Flavors.

“IFT has always been a landmark event in the world of food science and innovation, and I am looking forward to FlavorSum’s participation as an exhibitor again this year. 2023 represents another year of transformation and growth for FlavorSum, and we continue to expand resources to help our customers speed to market by solving their flavor challenges. We’re thrilled to have an opportunity to share the passion, expertise, and solutions that drive our company’s mission to provide a superior customer experience,” says FlavorSum CEO Brian Briggs.

Discover What’s Buzzing at the FlavorSum IFT Non-Alc Cocktail Bar

Join the FlavorSum team for refreshing conversation at the FlavorSum IFT Bar (booth #S4042) while sipping an invigorating mocktail and snacking on deliciously flavored, candy-coated pretzels. Our flavorists and applications bar-tending experts are ready to brainstorm your latest innovation ideas and answer pressing formulation questions!

Complex Taste, Novel Experience, and Delicious Flavor Deliver Excitement:

The alcohol-free adult beverage market is skyrocketing as the drinks offers a worthy alternative to alcohol-full counterparts. From 2018 to 2022, the alcohol-free market grew from $8bn to $11bn in 10 key global markets, according to IWSR. As the category expands to become more robust and diverse, alcohol manufacturers and drink developers are exploring innovation opportunities in non-alc beverages.

At the FlavorSum IFT FIRST 2023 booth, attendees can taste four insights-driven non-alcoholic cocktails ranging from classic inspirations to creative concoctions. Booth visitors will find themselves sampling flavor pairings such as blackberry ginger and oaked yuzu. The booth will also feature key lime and lemon crème flavored candy-coated pretzels as a sweet accompaniment to the drinks.

Flavor Solutions Reimagined with FlavorSum

FlavorSum focuses on meeting the unique needs of mid-sized and emerging food and beverage brands. In our ongoing efforts to cut the complexity from flavor sourcing and new product development, we are implementing several key initiatives in 2023:

Centers of Excellence

Flavorists and Application Scientists skilled in specific applications, including refreshing and alcoholic beverages, bakery, dairy and plant-based dairy, and sugar confections, sit at the FlavorSum Center of Excellence facilities. The centers span North America, with locations in Mississauga, ON, Kalamazoo, MI, and Mt. Laurel, NJ. Food and beverage brands can collaborate with the FlavorSum teams in a virtual meeting or during on-site working sessions at our state-of-the-art development labs.

FlavorSum Access for Documentation Support

 Streamlining NPD complexity and maintaining project momentum is essential for brands to meet growth goals. FlavorSum developed FlavorSum Access, an innovative online portal, to give customers access to downloadable technical and corporate documentation. The up-to-date repository enables customers to conveniently retrieve information needed for the commercialization process on demand from anywhere. Beginning in July 2023, documentation will be available in the portal for products purchased from any FlavorSum facility.

Expanded Facilities to Better Serve Customers

In 2023, FlavorSum broke ground on an expansion project that adds 35,000 square feet to its Kalamazoo facility. The Kalamazoo facility build-out expands lab and pilot plant capabilities and supports initiatives such as MicroThermics equipment, improved shipping and receiving processes, and increased product storage.

Customer Chat for Additional Support

In Q3 2023, FlavorSum will welcome online conversations with a new chat feature on the FlavorSum website. The chat gives customers another pathway to receive seamless and timely support during the company’s business hours. Existing customers and newcomers can reach out for help with orders, samples, documentation support, and flavor insights.

FlavorSum continues to offer customers and food and beverage professionals relevant information and resources that will fuel success. Stay in the know about what’s happening within FlavorSum by subscribing to their blog and newsletter.

About FlavorSum

FlavorSum helps growing North American food and beverage companies go to market quickly and cost-effectively. The company provides flavor solutions for delivering great-tasting products that inspire loyalty among today’s consumers. FlavorSum is a portfolio company owned by The Riverside Company, a global private equity firm.