Find Your Flavor Inspiration with FlavorSum at IFT 2022

by | Jul 7, 2022

FlavorSum, a North American flavor producer, will showcase refreshing beverage and snack bar prototypes at booth #S0442 during IFT FIRST 2022 in Chicago (July 11-13).

FlavorSum launched in April 2020 as a solutions provider for growing food & beverage companies. The platform unifies National Flavors, GSB Flavor Creators, Bonnie & Don Flavours, and Whittle and Mutch. “We’re thrilled to be exhibiting at IFT for the first time as FlavorSum. It’s an excellent opportunity for our team to share the work we’ve been doing to enable our customers to innovate and grow,” says FlavorSum CEO Brian Briggs.

Consumers Turning to Foods and Beverages for Added Nutritional Benefits

FlavorSum’s proprietary research revealed that 63% of Americans and 74% of Canadian consumers actively seek functionality from food and drink. To support brands’ innovation journeys for functionality, FlavorSum crafted seven prototypes that marry function and flavor. FlavorSum Director of Innovation and Solutions Derek Holthaus explains, “Whether brands want to remove unwanted ingredients or add components to increase wellness benefits, functional formulations often impact the taste experience. Flavor technology can help deliver delicious results and meet consumer expectations.”

Refreshing Beverages that Align with Need States

Beverage manufacturers have a unique opportunity to meet consumer demands throughout the day. FlavorSum’s morning concept features a bright and flavorful immunity boost with added vitamin C. The midday sample provides a refreshing taste break and a burst of alertness with green tea extract. The post-workout demo delivers sweet-tart relief and electrolytes for recovery. To end the day, FlavorSum offers a relaxing combination of flavors with added L-Theanine.

Functional Snack Bars for Purposeful Nutrition

Two-thirds of North American eating occasions are now small meals or snacks, and snack bars offer consumers a versatile option with their fun, easy, tasty format. The FlavorSum team developed three snack bars to address changing consumer behaviors and offer sought-after label claims, such as plant-based, organic, and protein-enhanced.

Stop by FlavorSum booth #S0442 to discover the intersection of function and flavor to inspire your innovation journey!

Partner with FlavorSum on Your Next Functional Launch!

Whether you want to add functional benefits or remove unwanted ingredients, the FlavorSum team offers a full-service solutions model geared towards speeding your time to market. From insights inspiration and flavor & applications expertise to regulatory and processing support, the FlavorSum team will take you from concept to commercialization.

About FlavorSum

FlavorSum helps growing North American food and beverage companies go to market quickly and cost-effectively. The company provides flavor solutions for delivering great-tasting products that inspire loyalty among today’s consumers. FlavorSum is a portfolio company owned by The Riverside Company, a global private equity firm.


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