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Are you looking for a flavor partner with the expertise, market insights, and resources to support your next successful product launch? FlavorSum is relentlessly devoted to helping growing food and beverage companies create great-tasting products that inspire loyalty among today's consumers.

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FlavorSum Access: Get the online control,convenience, and speed you deserve for all your flavor sourcing needs.

  • Search and compare flavors in our portfolio by application and desired flavor.
  • Order samples based on flavor profile descriptors, pricing, and minimum order
  • Access technical documents immediately.
  • Have your samples shipped within 24 hours to get your project moving!

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Finally, a trailblazing flavor partner for
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FlavorSum, formerly National Flavors, helps growing food and beverage
 companies in the U.S. and Canada go to market quickly and cost-
effectively. Our solutions help you deliver great tasting products that 
inspire loyalty among today’s consumers.

FlavorSum Access is our digital platform that enables you to order s
amples, access technical documentation, check on inventory levels, and
manage formulation information. FlavorSum Collaborate provides you
with online or on-site interaction with our experts in the areas of
formulation, applications, regulatory compliance, production, and
operational efficiency. FlavorSum Discover is a subscription-based
 research service that provides monthly predictive insights on emerging 
market and consumer trends.

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