February 2022

Mixing Up Memorable Sensations in Frozen Dessert

Frozen Dessert that Delights

No matter the season, the frozen dessert category has always been a fan favorite. It doesn’t matter if it’s a scorching summer day or a cozy night by the fire, consumers love to indulge in frozen treats. In a recent blog post, we highlighted the key factors formulators must consider when developing a new frozen dessert product. We cover everything from plant-based and dairy offerings to sweeteners and innovation opportunities.

The category continues to evolve to keep pace with changing consumer tastes. Market data shows the traditional, dairy-based ice cream is going strong. Dairy hard ice cream production was up 6% from 2019 to 2020 and early data shows similar growth took place from 2020-2021. But consumer diet and lifestyle needs are changing, and formulators must respond with innovation.
According to Mintel, 64% of shoppers agree that ice cream can be part of a healthy diet. More and more frozen dessert offerings feature label claims such as plant based, sugar free, and high protein. And while these alternative claims are growing, so too is consumer expectation. According to a survey from Yasso & Mintel, only 39% of consumers are willing to sacrifice taste for a healthier option. (Mintel) Formulators will be tasked with achieving a recognizable, delicious, and indulgent eating experience without ingredients they usually leverage.

What’s Next in Frozen Dessert

Mintel’s “Future of Ice Cream 2021” report highlights three main areas for short-term growth in ice cream: sustainability, health goals, and excitement.

Showcasing Sustainability

Consumers will continue to prioritize brands that feature a prominent and transparent sustainability story. Developers can demonstrate ethical treatment of animals, reduced carbon emissions, and ingredient origin stories (like upcycled ingredients) to make an impact with consumers.

Achieving Health Goals

The wellness movement is here to stay. By innovating in areas such as gut health, immune support, and better-for-you, developers can capture the wellness-focused segment of the market and attract a new audience.

Igniting Excitement

Classic ice cream will always have a place, but consumers are seeking more than health claims – they’re looking for taste adventures. Developers can entice consumers by delivering unique sensory experiences and offering mood-boosting properties.

Latest Video Blog

Looking for a way to stand out with your next frozen dessert launch? Our recent video blog features trending tastes in the category, including nostalgic flavors, delightful variegates, and indulgent inclusions.

Regulatory Corner

In August 2021, the EPA issued the revocation of all tolerances for chlorpyrifos residues, confirming that chlorpyrifos cannot be used on any raw agricultural commodities (RAC) imported or grown in the U.S.

After February 28, 2022, any residues of chlorpyrifos in or on food will deem the food adulterated. There will be exceptions for food with an authorized level of residue present as a result of application before February 28, 2022. To maintain compliance, manufacturers will need proper documentation to showcase the pesticides were applied before the deadline.

April 2021

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit orders the EPA to issue a final rule concerning the chlorpyrifos tolerance by August 20, 2021.

August 2021

The EPA issues the revocation of all tolerances for chlorpyrifos residues.

October 29, 2021

February 8, 2022

The tolerances for all commodities expire.

Supply Chain Corner

Many of the supply chain challenges from 2021 are extending into 2022, but our team is diligently monitoring and responding to changing conditions. For our business and the rest of the food and beverage community, freight and packaging challenges have been widespread. Constraints at the ports, labor shortages, and growing demand have all contributed to increased costs and continue to impact our industry.

Proactive planning and FlavorSum’s M&A activity have helped us leverage economies of scale. We receive competitive raw material pricing from our supply base to help our customers meet their production goals. We are optimistic about the future health of the supply chain and our ability to successfully support our current and new customers.

In a recent article from Supermarket News, Dr. Ricky Volpe, Associate Professor of Agribusiness at Cal Poly stressed the importance of facing supply uncertainty with flexibility. Volpe shared, “‘One of the major recommendations that I have to anyone who will listen moving forward is that flexibility [and] adaptability… are going to be really important in the future because we don’t know when the next shock is going to come, we don’t know what the next challenge is going to be.’” As we move through 2022 and beyond, we will continue to prioritize flexibility and agility through our supply chain processes to meet our customers’ needs.

FlavorSum News

Celebrating our Growing Team

FlavorSum continues to build support for your product development needs. From consultative sales and marketing professionals to flavor scientists and skilled production staff, you’ll find a team committed to doing what’s right for your brand. We’re extending a warm welcome to our newest team members:


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