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Authorized FlavorSum Distributors

Our authorized flavor distributors provide a broad portfolio of FlavorSum products for independent operators who need smaller pack sizes and flexible order quantities.  Interested in joining our distributor network? Submit the form below, and we’ll connect with you!

FlavorSum Partners

Unlocking innovative solutions for our customers involves collaborations with a robust network of component and flavor ingredients suppliers, product developers, and processing experts. Together, we break down silos that hinder speed-to-market, giving customers access to the technology and expertise they need to launch products successfully. Ready to join our ecosystem that supports NPD in food and beverage? Send us a few details, and we’ll schedule a call!

Professional Affiliations

Connecting with peers in professional organizations keeps us in touch with changing consumer trends and external factors that impact our industry. Our alliances with flavor ingredients suppliers, scientific societies, and food & beverage associations help us provide customers with guidance about how to remain relevant in a rapidly evolving environment.

distribution partner

Peck Food Service

Purchase through Peck Food Service, our Preferred Full Line Distribution Partner,  to access flavors for frozen desserts, bakery, and candy. By choosing Peck, you’ll benefit from:

  • No minimum order quantity
  • 1 gallon package sizes
  • 5-day lead times
  • Small parcel shipping throughout the U.S.

Email: peckflavorsumorders@gmail.com
Phone: (800) 732-7325 (M-Th, 8:30-3:30 PM EST, Friday, 8:30-2:30 until March)

Ice cream cones with Peck Food Service Logo