Beer News from The Brewers Lectures Fall 2021 Series

by | Oct 1, 2021

On September 22, The Brewers Journal launched their fall lecture series; a 3-day virtual event focused on current challenges and future opportunities in the brewing industry. The event builds on a commitment that began in 2014 to hold educational and networking forums for brewers throughout North American and Europe.

The Brewers Lectures Fall 2021 sessions attracted more than 400 participants, bringing total attendance across the Spring and Fall events to more than 800 people from 20 countries. The FlavorSum team sponsored and participated in the conference, where more than 30 speakers addressed various topics dealing with brewing culture, technology, marketing, and innovation. Here are a few highlights from the event.

Sessions Offered Ideas, Solutions, and Case Studies to Help Build the Brewing Industry

The Brewers Lectures intend to inspire change, generate discussion, explore innovation, and share brewing expertise. The Fall sessions delivered on that promise with insightful discussions that aligned with 5 key themes:

  • Sustainability. Every food and beverage product, including beer, is resource intense, and brewers are actively engaged in transforming the environmental friendliness of the beer industry.
    • Speakers from Blindman Brewing, Xylem, Village Brewery, and Karbon Brewing addressed how to create a circular economy in brewing with reuse opportunities like:
      • repurposing wastewater in processes
      • recycling paper and glass.
  • Diversity. The brewing community continues striving to create an inclusive, diverse industry through education and conversation.
    • Sessions from McColl’s Brewery, Orpheus Brewing, Kichesippi Beer Company, Women of the Bevolution, Brave Noise, Beer Diversity, and Born Colorado Brewing examined approaches to providing work environments that:
      • support mental health
      • encourage tolerance
      • improve gender and racial equality
    • We also heard from Niagara College and Bhutan-based Ser Bhum Brewery about their success with building a woman-owned beer company.
  • Technology. Rapid technological advancements are making it easier for breweries of any size to access tools for improving efficiency. The result: better margins, improved resource utilization, and stronger partnerships.
    • Discussions provided attendees with information about using technology and processes to optimize product quality, boost operational effectiveness, and identify expansion pathways. We gained knowledge from Top 5 Solutions and Actemium, Brew Ninja, Glacier Hop Ranch, and Air Solutions Canada.
  • Finance. Monitoring financial metrics and following sound accounting principles are essential activities for making money. But planning, ethics, and execution also affect the bottom line.
    • We gathered insights from presenters from People’s Pint Brewing, Split Rail Brewing, Ravenwolf Brewing, and Hop Hideout about:
      • the power of doing what’s right
      • committing to a socially responsible business model
      • creating collaborative cultures that foster community.
  • Innovation. Brewers are discovering ways to meet evolving consumer needs and deliver better taste experiences, and several experts discussed their approach to successful innovation.
    • We learned about emerging categories within brewing, such as Cannabis beverages and non-alcoholic beer, from Torkin Manes and Rescue Club Brewing. FlavorSum Beverage Application Scientist, Blake Lyon, shared steps to creating a Flavored Malt Beverage or RTD Cocktail.
    • Several breweries, including Beavertown, Andina Brewing, Innis & Gunn, and Athletic Brewing, Brewery de Halve Maan, told us stories about their brand evolution.
    • Lallemand USA offered perspectives about how innovation can drive product quality and profit.
    • And Ninkasi Brewing took us on a fun journey, explaining how they created brews with yeast that took a 4-minute trip to space. Thanks to a controlled environment in space and proper storage and management back on Earth, the yeast contributes to great taste and an exciting story.

If you want to explore innovation opportunities for your craft beer or beverage, connect with the FlavorSum team. We’re here to help fuel your growth with delicious solutions!

And download our e-book ‘How to Master Formulation Challenges in the ‘Wild West’ of RTD Cocktails for more insights about crafting your next (or first!) RTD alcoholic beverage.

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