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The Latest ‘Cool’ Trends in Functional Beverage

Functionality is a broad and enduring segment within the food and beverage space. Increasingly, people are seeking practical benefits from the products they buy and consume. And the market is keeping pace with consumer needs for functionality. In the functional beverage space, growth isn’t slowing down.  

As of 2022, the global market for functional beverages was valued at $140.8 billion, and projections forecast a steady CAGR of 8.94% through 2030, resulting in an estimated value of $279.4 billion. (Precedence Research) The rapid trajectory presents a significant opportunity for creative and innovative product introductions.  

Read along in this month’s newsletter as we explore the expanding world of functional beverages and the sought-after benefits that people desire.


What’s the Next “Cool” Trend in Refreshing Beverages

Did you know that the market for refreshing beverages in North America is surpassing that of alcoholic and conventional drinks? Is your brand exploring the refreshing beverage craze?  

In our recent webcast session, Lisa Jackson, FlavorSum Director of Marketing, guides us through the world of refreshing beverages. Watch to discover consumer insights and market launch trends in key functional categories, such as energy and gut health.


What’s the Next “Cool” Trend in Refreshing Beverages: Part 2

At FlavorSum, our goal is to support food and beverage developers from ideation through commercialization. Since the ideation process often begins with insights and inspiration, we are often conducting primary research studies to better understand specific segments within the food and beverage space. 

The latest proprietary study from FlavorSum dives into North American refreshing beverage consumer preferences. The study investigates the types of beverages that people are seeking and what they are looking for in a functional beverage product.  

We presented the findings of this study in a webcast led by FlavorSum’s Director of Marketing, Lisa Jackson. Get ready to effectively engage with refreshing beverage drinkers by offering functional benefits and delicious flavors.  


FlavorScience Episode 7: Functional Beverage

FlavorScience by FlavorSum is a video series that delves into the complexities of formulating with flavor to make NPD easier for developers. In our seventh video episode, Pete Sauer, Flavor Development Manager at FlavorSum, illustrates the process of crafting a seltzer drink infused with caffeine.  

Join Pete as he walks us through the steps to deliver delicious flavor and functional benefits in our lab. Along the way, you’ll gain valuable formulating tips to ensure your functional beverage formulation process goes off without a hitch! 

Image Credit: Food Safety Magazine 

Supply Chain Corner

Overcoming Supply Chain Turbulence

The food and beverage supply chain system has always been one of complex challenges and creative solutions because of its global nature. Over the years, the food supply chain has been subject to a global pandemic, natural disasters, and political unrest. But, despite the almost constant unknown and unexpected, there are strategies to help ease supply chain challenges in food and beverage.  

A recent article by Food Safety Magazine shared some these strategies for manufacturers to adopt in hope of accessing a more stable supply chain system: 

  • Diverse supplier connections to avoid challenges related to accessing equipment from single-source suppliers  
  • Creative warehousing solutions to ensure safe outcomes for food and beverage products  
  • Distribution relationship variety to have access to as many contacts as possible in the event of an emergency   
  • Robust risk management strategies to reduce risk to an acceptable level

Read more from Food Safety Magazine

Image Credit: Food Business News 

Regulatory Corner

Certified Free From Seal

A new label seal is entering the food and beverage sphere. Food Business News reports that food safety training and auditing company, MenuTrinfo, has developed an allergen-free certification process and seal trademarked as Certified Free From (CFF).  

According to Menu Trinfo COO, Claire Peacock, the goal of the Certified Free From Program is to “‘to create a seal that consumers could seek out and know that they were getting something safe to eat.’” The Certified Free From Program is a response to unclear guardrails from the FDA that aims to clear up potential confusion from consumers around what’s in their food.

Read more from Food Business News

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FlavorSum Team News

Celebrating our Growing Team

FlavorSum continues to bring in the talent and expertise to help you achieve your food and beverage development goals.  Your success is a top priority at FlavorSum, and our team commits to doing what’s right for your brand every day.

We welcomed the following people to FlavorSum in June:

    • Damandeep S. – Production 

    • Charmaine M. – Production 

    • Conyilouse B. – Production 

    • Adrienne B. – Production 

    • Jevinson P. – Quality 

    • Rebecca M. – Production 

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