August 2022

How Evolving Consumer Behaviors are Affecting Food and Beverage Innovation 

What’s in the news?  


 A global pandemic. Inflation concerns. Supply challenges. Recession worries. Geopolitical conflicts.  

It’s been a turbulent few years. With change happening around the world, consumer habits shifted. Some changes are seismic and will endure. People altered how they work, spend money, care for their bodies and minds, and interact with brands.  

Consumers can make (or break) a brand. Understanding people’s habits and preferences gives food and beverage producers a way to predict successful product development. To better support our customers and enhance the consumer experience, our team stays tapped into evolving consumer habits. Learn more from our recent blog posts below.

Blog Post

What’s Next in Dairy?

Despite the recent popularity of plant-based alternatives, dairy products remain a staple in American diets. In 2020, the average American enjoyed 655 pounds of dairy products. In our recent blog post, you’ll discover how dairy innovation is unfolding based on current consumer trends, such as functionality and flavor exploration. And because we can’t talk about dairy without talking about non-dairy, we touch on plant-based innovation trends too!

Blog Post

Taking Snacking to the Next Level

The snack category offers a diverse and exciting landscape for innovation. With consumer habits shifting in response to the experiences of the past few years, the snack category is changing too. Our snacking blog highlights what’s driving growth and evolution in snacking, such as new eating habits and social experiences. You’ll learn about innovation opportunities in the massive category. We explore sustainability, convenience, and plant-based offerings.


FlavorScience Episode 2: Nutritional Gummies

In our latest installment of FlavorScience, FlavorSum Director of Innovation and Solutions, Derek Holthaus interviews Tessa Porter of Sprinkk and John Wrubel of FlavorSum. Together, they discuss some of the biggest challenges surrounding nutritional gummy formulation. Hear from these industry experts as they answer important questions such as:


What are the first considerations when beginning a gummy project?


How would you approach a gummy with a sugar claim? 


How does flavor play a role in formulations with added nutritional benefits? 

Join us for this passionate discussion that is sure to inspire your new product development and help you achieve launch success! 

Supply Chain Corner

Just-In-Time Inventory Becomes Just-In-Case

According to a recent article from Fortune, “up until 2020, the world’s largest corporations relied on a best-in-class standard for process and supply chain management known as “just-in-time” inventory (JIT).” But, the events of the past few years have upended many standard business practices (like working from home), and the supply chain is no different. With challenges like vendor unpredictability affecting accurate forecasting, JIT inventory practices can put companies in a difficult position.  

Business expenses increased 22% in 2021, and companies have become more creative about managing the supply chain. (Wall Street Journal) Fortune recommends a just-in-case approach that marries the JIT principles with the needs of the new world. This proactive method involves “planning for different scenarios to position an organization to win should unexpected disruptions occur within production, transport, or storage.” 

By partnering with a trusted vendor like FlavorSum, you’ll gain access to forecasting support and ordering pattern organization. Reach out to our team to better understand how we can support your supply chain efforts.

Regulatory Corner

Legislation Proposed to Combine FDA and HHS

For over 100 years, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been responsible for ensuring the safety of America’s food supply (among other responsibilities such as overseeing drug and medical device safety and efficacy). Since 1953, the Department of Health and Human Services has protected the health of all Americans and provided services to support that effort.  

On July 13, 2022, U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT-03) and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) introduced legislation to combine these two organizations into one Food Safety Administration (FSA). The Food Safety Administration Act of 2022 aims to “protect the public health by ensuring the safety of food, preventing foodborne illness, maintaining safety reviews and reassessments of food additives, enforcing pesticide residue tolerances, improving the surveillance of foodborne pathogens, and for other purposes.” If the bill should pass, the FDA will be renamed the Federal Drug Administration and no longer have a purview over food safety initiatives.

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FlavorSum Team News

Celebrating our Growing Team

Helping you reach your food and beverage development goals is a priority at FlavorSum, where our team commits to doing what’s right for your brand every day. We’re expanding our bench strength and welcoming the following team members to FlavorSum 

Kyle M. – Production
Danielle W. – Customer Care 
Maria N. – Production 
Marc-Andre M. – Sales 
Thomas J. – Sales  
Briana B. – R&D  
Phil A. – Marketing 

To learn about new opportunities on the FlavorSum team, visit our Careers page.

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