April 2022

Packing  Function and Flavor into Snack Bars

Snacking Evolved: The Snack Bar Revolution

Much has changed for consumers over the past few years, including how we snack. As most people experienced more time at home during the peaks of the pandemic, snacking became more indulgent and comforting. Some categories, like snack bars, saw sales dip in 2020, with bars losing nearly $300 million in North America. Snack habits are adjusting again as restrictions lift and consumers shift how they eat. Mintel reports that 38% of Canadian consumers agree that the lines are blurring between meals and snacks. Products that once stayed in the ‘on-the-go fuel’ category (like snack bars) now cross into other dayparts and occasions, giving snack food brands exciting opportunities. 

How can brands prepare as the snack and nutrition bar category reaches pre-pandemic levels and beyond over the next few years? They can get well acquainted with changing consumer needs. Our recent insights guide looks at what’s fueling growth in the market and how developers can respond. You’ll learn the added functionality consumers are seeking and how you can enhance your formulation with flavor and inclusions.

Bakery Innovations: Exploring Format & Functionality to Satisfy Snack Cravings

The bakery category contains many well-known formats such as brownies, cake, and muffins, usually viewed as indulgent treats. But what happens when these sub-segments begin to merge or offer wellness benefits? Brands are using crossover ideas and ingredients to fuel innovation in the bakery space. Our recent blog post explores how bakery offerings are evolving with consumers to offer added functionality, diverse formats, and convenient and healthful satiety.

Latest Video Blog Features Bars!

Ready to stand out with your next snack or nutritional bar launch? Our recent video blog highlights formulating tips, including trending flavors and potential label claim goals. Do you want to learn more about the bars category? Read our deep dive blog post on snack and nutritional bars to get the full download.


Bars are Back!

With the snack bar market expecting to rebound and continue to grow, we compiled the latest snacking, nutrition, and flavor trends influencing snack bar growth. In our latest webcast, you’ll learn how snack bar consumers have changed since the pandemic, especially regarding snacking habits. We also share details around functional benefits and health claims that fit within the snack bar category and offer inspiration for format innovation.

Regulatory Corner: 3-acetyl-2,5-dimethylfuran Update

On April 8, 2022, IOFI released an information letter indicating that due to recently available data, they believe the approval statuses of 3-acetyl-2,5-dimethylfuran are likely to change soon. The International Organization of the Flavor Industry (IOFI) is the global association representing the industry that creates, produces, and sells flavorings worldwide. 

This news comes as the National Institute of Health Sciences in Japan reports that the 3-acetyl-2,5-dimethylfuran can cause DNA damage. The ingredient is often used as a flavoring agent.

Due to this news, IOFI recommends the replacement of 3-acetyl-2,5-dimethylfuran. In preparation for the forthcoming changes to the GRAS status of 3-acetyl-2,5-dimethylfuran, FlavorSum has proactively begun removing the ingredient from our products. We anticipate that this proactive action will avoid any disruption to the customer experience.

Supply Chain Corner: Sustainable Palm Oil

As a supplier of flavor ingredients, we leverage products derived from palm oil in a variety of our flavor solutions. Every year, we partner with an organization called SCS Global Services to audit our facility and ensure we are sourcing palm oil in a sustainable manner. 

On April 20, 2022, our facility in Mississauga, Canada was audited to ensure the maintenance of these sustainable practices. SCS Global Services confirmed our continued eligibility for RSPO Supply Chain Certification with additional guidance to showcase our certification. Check our progress at www.rspo.org.

FlavorSum News

Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity Alliance Updates

Our Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity Alliance (IDEA) team selects monthly training for the entire FlavorSum team. We look for lessons that help foster a healthy and happy workplace and strengthen our community. For 2022, we completed Unconscious Bias Awareness Training and Understanding Sexual Harassment Training. 

For our April session, we are participating in a Workplace Violence and Bullying Prevention course. The learning will help our employees recognize and identify the causes of workplace violence and bullying and discover how we can prevent it in our organization and community.

To learn about new opportunities on the FlavorSum team, visit our Careers page.

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