Flavor Solutions for Indulgent and Nutritional Confections

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Flavor Solutions for Indulgent and Nutritional Confections

Gummies & Chews | Hard Candy | Nutritional Candy | Gums & Mints

Flavor Sweet Treats

From decadent indulgence and permissible pleasure to added functionality, consumers turn to the confectionery category for flavor innovation!
Candy flavors can represent favorite tastes, exotic exploration, or nostalgic memories. For formulators, flavor provides benefits beyond
delicious and unique taste to support flavor masking or sweetness enhancement.

Deliver Decadent Indulgence

When it comes to indulgence, flavor is king! Think about your favorite type of candy—the flavor is probably the number one driver of your selection. But brands have formulation considerations to address when creating that craveable final product. During processing, confectionery offerings face exposure to high heat for extended periods. Heat impacts flavor delivery, producing flavor flash-off (or flavor loss). Working with a flavor partner who understands the unique nuances of processing is essential to ensuring flavor consistency in the retail-ready product.

Create Permissible Pleasure

More consumers prioritize health and wellness, changing their eating patterns and food choices, including snacks. Permissibility can represent different concepts across audiences. Some people look for nutritional benefits, like sugar-free, or environmental advantages, like plant-based. Alternative formulations often require the removal of certain ingredients traditionally included in the confectionery category, such as sugar, resulting in a significant impact on taste. Flavor can help build back the expected sweet taste and mask unwanted off-notes.

Offer Added Functionality

Mintel’s 2022 Year of Innovation in Sugar Confectionery report confirms that “consumers’ desire for ‘food with a functional purpose’ remains strong.” The confectionery category allows developers to add functionality in a fun and tasty format. But formulating with added functionality presents unique challenges around taste because nutritional ingredients can carry metallic, chalky, or bitter notes. Fortunately, formulators can leverage flavor to compliment, enhance, or mask.

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Partner with FlavorSum to Kickstart your Innovation Journey!

The complex nuances of launching a delicious confectionery product include more than flavor selection; we’re here to help.
Partnering with a flavor supplier can bring more than ingredients to your laboratories and production lines.
Whether through insights to kick off your ideation process or R&D and regulatory support to act as an
extension of your team, our team can help you ideate, trial, and scale-up.


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