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Despite heightened focus on health and wellness, people still reach for their favorite sweet and salty baked goods as a source of comfort, nostalgia, and delicious taste. And for those more dedicated to their health goals, bakery and snack formulators are finding creative ways to deliver great taste without unwanted nutritional components. Whether you’re developing a fully indulgent sweet treat or striving to reduce or remove sugar, fat, dairy, or other ingredients, flavor is essential to taste delivery.

Solve Your Bakery Challenges with Solutions from FlavorSum


Achieve label claim goals with our expansive portfolio


Produce delicious tastes in reduced-sugar formulations


Mask unwanted off-notes from plant-based and functional ingredients


Preserve flavor consistency despite harsh processing parameters


Extend your team with our in-house flavor, applications, regulatory and insights experts


Add visual and textural appeal with fruit bases

Discover Flavor Profiles for Sweet Bakery, Cereal, Nutrition Bars, and Grain-Based Snacks


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Partner with FlavorSum to Kickstart your Bakery Innovation Journey!

Delivering a memorable flavor in a universally loved category like bakery will drive trial and repeat purchases. Partnering with a flavor supplier that can bring more than flavor ingredients to your laboratories and production lines ensures your product launch goes off without a hitch. Whether you need insights to kick off your ideation process or R&D and regulatory support to function as an extension of your team, FlavorSum can take you from idea to launch.


The Snack Bar Evolution

Discover the trends that are driving innovation in the snack and nutritional bar market, including:


Functional benefits and health claims hitting the shelves


Format and flavor evolution as producers strive to meet consumer needs

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How to Deliver Delicious Taste with Reduced Sugar Formulas

In this guide, you’ll learn about the growing interest in reduced sugar snack bars and discover answers to questions, such as:


What are snack bar buyers saying about sugar?


What are the most acceptable sweeteners in nutrition bars?


How can developers use “flavors with modulating properties” (FMPs) to overcome formulation challenges with reduced sugar?


Which flavor and low sugar sweetener combinations will maintain sweetness?

We also share some formula ideas to inspire development of your next successful product launch!

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