What's the formula
for your success?

Are you looking for a flavor company with the expertise, market insights, and resources to support your next successful product launch? Partner with FlavorSum. We are relentlessly devoted to helping growing food and beverage companies create great-tasting products that inspire loyalty among today's consumers.

What’s our Formula for Success?

In our “Formula for Success” video series, you’ll discover how we create value for our customers and partners by making decisions informed by integrity, being accountable, and striving for excellence. FlavorSum is more than a flavor company name; it’s a mindset that each team member has when developing their formula for success.

FlavorSum Access: Get the online control, convenience, and speed you deserve for all your flavor sourcing needs.

  • Search and compare flavors in our portfolio by application and desired flavor.
  • Order samples based on flavor profile descriptors, pricing, and minimum order quantities.
  • Access technical documents immediately.
  • Get your samples shipped within 24 hours to get your project moving!

FlavorSum Collaborate: Put our formulation, efficiency, and compliance teams to work for you.

  • Overcome go-to-market challenges by expanding your in-house capabilities with our team of industry professionals.
  • Connect with FlavorSum experts who understand the flavor market and get support with formulation, applications, regulatory compliance, production planning, and operational efficiency.
  • Schedule an appointment with your FlavorSum solutions specialists for a telephone consultation, Zoom meeting, or an on-site product formulation workshop.

FlavorSum Discover: Find the product and flavor market insights and trends you need to stay aligned with your customers and ahead of competitors.

  • Drive your business forward with category and consumer intelligence from FlavorSum Discover.
  • Receive predictive insights and analysis of the latest market, product, and consumer behavior trends directly in your inbox with our subscription-based service.
  • Engage with our consumer insights and category management teams to conduct targeted primary and thorough secondary research to support product development, reformulation, and line extension efforts.

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